Letter to NLD in Myanmar


April 12, 2016

H.E Madam Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
President of the National League for Democracy
97B West Shwegondung Rd.
Yangon, Myanmar

Dear Her Excellency:

On behalf of our organization the Union for Lao Nation and its affiliated organization – the Study and Research Center on Laos and Asia, based in the United States , and all Lao people living inside Laos and overseas; would like to express our sincere and profound congratulations to the resounding success of the National League for Democracy Party, under your able — steadfast — unwavering — and relentless leadership, for the recent landslide national election victory and subsequently the successful establishment of the new government of the country, led by one of the National League for Democracy Party’s most trusted leaders and well respected by people of Myanmar, President U Htin Kyaw.

We couldn’t help reflecting on both your late father’s heroic efforts and sacrifices and yours, from the ‘Father of Independence’ to the ‘Nobel Peace Prize laureate’, who have courageously and endlessly fought, endured and sacrificed much of their live for their beloved people and country. Your late father and your late husband must be happily and proudly smiling up there for your immense accomplishments. Your sons can finally and proudly say that the extraordinary sacrifices their mother made during their entire adult live are not in vain.

The success has a true and meaningful significance to Myanmar, because it brings an end to the authoritarian rule of the country for over the past five decades. It also brings hopes to many oppressive and dictatorial countries around the world, namely Lao PDR; where Lao citizens are deprived of basic human rights; they have no right to free speech, to free information; there is no freedom of assembly, no right to peaceful demonstration, no space of constructive debate, arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances are the norms, no freedom of election and no right to change their government since the communists took power over 40 years ago.

Dear Daw Aung San: Your exemplary role has inspired so many civil society activists across
the globe, of hope, strength and courage to continue their advocating work. As the champion of democracy, we trust you will do everything in your influential positions and power in the ASEAN community and in the international arena to bring about reforms to Lao PDR toward a democratic state.

Please accept our most sincere wishes for Myanmar, a strong, bright, and prosperous nation!

Truly yours,
Bounchanh Senthavong, president              Leck Keohanam, president
Union for Lao Nation – US Chapter             Study and Research Center on Laos and Asia –                                                                                 US Chapter

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